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FUNK bases for Shooting


Funk bases application to write brings a lot of great bases for you to play while singing and creates its funk music.The app is super lightweight and easy to use, designed for DJs and MCs, you have the option to record their music while singing with sound quality cd when finished recording it gets saved on your phone and you get several options how to listen to your recording delete or share your music in mp3 format, you can share any application installed on the phone or by Bluetooth.They will always be added more bases and funk kits in the application for you to have more hits options to create his music.Your only job will be to write the letter of your funk, else you can do on the touch application of sound and recording his music in mp3.The application has a step by step tutorial on how to create and record your funk music.The part touching the base is very similar to a funk of MPC, being easy to use for both djs as mcs.You'll be able to play and sing to record many funky styles, from funk to boast romantic funk.The application does not need internet to work, it's super light and works on all phones and tablets, and the result of the recording is made with the highest quality supported by phone, after making a recording of his song va to meufunk folder on your card and copy your music, because to reduce the number of files the application works with a recorded file at a time, not to take up too much memory space.Now it's time for you to produce and disseminate their funk music with a single application, will soon be added the option to upload their own bases for it.Be sure to check the best producer and MPC shop funk.